• Houlden Catalogue Covers
  • Hartmanns of Galway Press Ad – Irish Director
  • Laings Lifestyle Magazine
  • Laings Lifestyle Magazine
  • Laings Lifestyle Magazine
  • Michael Jones Jewellers 48 Sheet

Whilst working at Geo-Graphics Design Consultants in Glasgow, I worked with the team to produce catalogue designs for the Houlden Group, the UK and Ireland’s longest established jewellery and watch buying organisation founded to provide business support to independent fine jewellers.

From the designs we pitched, my design was chosen to feature on the 06/07 catalogue covers which would then roll out to feature on in-store graphics, press ads, posters and other promotional material.

We worked as a team to produce the various number of catalogues required, creating bespoke covers. This project also required retouching the jewellery photographed to feature inside the catalogues.

I then designed the In-store Lifestyle Magazine that would feature a bespoke cover and personalised content for each of the Jewellers.