Taiko Meantime – "Dojoji" Programme

Working in conjunction with Taiko Meantime and Diorama Arts, I produced the event programme for the stunning production of “Dojoji”, a spectacular collaboration of music and Japanese drums. My brief was to produce a programme that represented the atmosphere of the performance – moody, mysterious and intriguing. I researched the background of the story and also Japanese imagery.

For the final artwork I created backgrounds using elements from the Dojoji scrolls that suggested the important elements of the story, such as the characters, the fire-breathing dragon and the sea. I imposed these onto a paper texture and deepened the saturation of the colour to enhance the feel of the artwork being printed on an ancient scroll.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for producing such a beautiful design for our “Dojoji” programme notes. It was exactly what I wanted – something that looks as though it’s been there for a long time, and also, as the first thing the audience sees, something of quality that captures the essence of the show.

Mark Alcock, leader of Taiko Meantime